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Luke 18:16 "...Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of God."

Frankie Nunez
In loving memory

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In Loving Memory of Frankie Nunez
7-24-77 to 3-28-93

Frankie Nunez was a very brave young man, who was diagnosed with a severe brain tumor at age 13.  He endured 39 surgeries within 19 months.  He wanted to be a missionary Doctor, Israel was the first country he wanted to travel to and volunteer at. So we recently raised money to build a bomb shelter in Israel in memory of Frankie Nunez. We will continue to build bomb shelters in Israel to protect lives and support Life Shield. At his going home service, he requested we do a processional with flags from 27 countries. The message he left  to his friends, was to take the gospel to the Nations. He kept his faith in God and prayed often for his friends and would encourage them to be strong and courageous.   His sweet disposition is still remembered by many.  Jesus was Frankie's hero. 


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